Saturday, December 15, 2012

Enjoying the Christmas Tree

We put the Christmas tree up after the girls went to bed again this year.  Sure makes it easier on us, and it’s fun to see their faces when they come out of their rooms the next morning!

This year, the girls took out some blankets, snuggled down together, and just watched the lights.

Melt. my. heart.


Piper insisted that Addy needed to enjoy for a while longer.  She kept forcing Addy to lay down, which was, really, kind of funny.DSC_0394

Even Addy thought so!DSC_0396


This year, we also started a new “Advent calendar.”  I got a whole bunch of Christmas books, wrapped them up, and every night the girls got to pick one out and open it before bed.  They really enjoyed it.  The only problem I had was getting them to wait until after dinner!  We constantly had at least one or two books that were partly/halfway/mostly opened, but whatever.  It’s not like it mattered.

It certainly didn’t matter as much as the time I put into wrapping the gosh darned things!


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