Sunday, December 9, 2012

MHDSA Christmas Party

Every year, Mile High Down Syndrome Association has a great big, fancy shindig for Christmas.  I had so much fun this year seeing all the families we know.  Very few things are as fun as being in a room with a few hundred of your closest friends- the cute factor was through the roof.  But you knew that.

Addy, being the all-girl of my daughters, was more than thrilled to get to be fancy for the day.  DSC_0321

She took in the art…DSC_0331

…did a little ballroom dancing with Piper…DSC_0341

…and snuck a candy cane, got sticky from head to toe, and danced some more with Piper.DSC_0357

After we ate breakfast, we patiently waited in line to meet Santa!  Addy kept helping herself to the front of the line; the other kids weren’t to thrilled with that.  Piper got tired of waiting and made her rounds through the room to see who she could talk to.

The girls were so excited to get their turn!  I couldn’t keep Addy from photo-bombing other pictures, but I finally got her to sit on the “snow” when were about three families from the front.DSC_0346

Finally, finally, the girls’ long anticipated wait was over.  It was their turn!

…it did not go as smoothly as I had hoped.8281076877_7b7c287296_h

I could finally convince Piper to sit next to Santa; she signed “go” the whole time.DSC_0350

They were able to be within six feet of him when he offered presents.  And candy.DSC_0351

Piper got books!DSC_0353

Toward the end of the morning, the girls snuck onto the piano.  They love to play piano!DSC_0365



We had so, so much fun seeing all of our friends.  Some of the folks we only see once a year at the party- it’s so awesome seeing how much the kids grow year to year!   I’m so glad that MHDSA makes this happen every year!

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