Thursday, October 18, 2012

Trail to a Childhood Psychologist

Piper won’t stand still.

Especially for the camera.  I have about eight zillion pictures of her blurry backside to prove it.

Pretty sure she’ll need counseling regarding the fact that there are more pictures of Adalynn during this period than there are of her.


DSC_0369The only half descent picture of Piper.  (And it’s still a little bit blurry…)

But whatever.  At least Addy is willing to let me document her cuteness.  For now.DSC_0381


DSC_0394(This is a quintessential picture of her.  Those furrowed eyebrows?  You can see her little wheels turning.  Usually this is my major indicator that things are about to get ornery.  Very, very ornery.)


  1. They are so cute! Karli is 4 and I can barely ever get a sitting or standing still picture of her either! Darn Toddlers!!

  2. Hahaha, love that look on Addy's face!

  3. Dude, have you seen my pictures on FB? I can't get a good picture of all three of kids at all. I'm hoping in a couple more years I maybe can get one. I feel your pain. :)

  4. Man they are ao cute