Monday, September 3, 2012

Addy’s Teether of Choice

Addy’s currently cutting her top two molars.  And she is not impressed.

She was having a meltdown at the grocery store the other day (we’re talking we’re-leaving-because-you’re-being-so-naughty kind of meltdown) but calmed down instantly when I put down a red bell pepper as we were leaving.  Hoping that her tantrum was simmering, I kept shopping with her on my hip.  The peppers were 3/$1, so I was digging through the rather large stash of them to find some good ones.  I turned around to get a sack and realized that my daughter was chowing down on one.  And the little ol’ ladies who grocery shop at 10am on a Thursday were all laughing at me.

Crunching.  Biting.  Devouring. 

What one year old loves bell peppers?  And me, being the stellar parent that I am, let her keep it.  It kept her quiet.  We could get the groceries that we desperately needed.  And I’m sure that my fellow shoppers appreciated the quiet.  And since it didn’t have to be weighed, what did it hurt, right?

She was orange from her eyes to her belly button by the time we left.  She was so happy. 

Fast forward to yesterday when Luke wanted those mini bell peppers they sell at Costco.  They were on the floor with the rest of the Costco haul when Addy saw them.

And salivated.

And begged.

And pleaded.


I have no idea where this kid came from sometimes.  I didn’t like peppers until I was in my 20’s.  What’s next- pickles???

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