Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Real Ghost Town!

When we were in Snowmass, we took a drive to find something interesting to see.  And by that I mean not so far Addy would throw a fit in the car, not so far a walk that we couldn’t get there with two kids, not too cold, but give the girls something to do, all at the same time.  I’m easy to please, right?

We took a winding road up the mountain side toward a little ghost town called Ashcroft.  It was a ways up (about 10 miles out of Aspen), but a gorgeous drive.  The trees had just started to change colors so the hills glowed with the yellow aspen. 


The girls were glad to get out of the car (even though it was only 10 miles, it’s mountain driving- and took almost an hour to get there) and took time to stop and smell the flowers.  Literally.DSC_0184

The “trail” was made for little legs- flat and even, the girls loved the walk.  DSC_0187

Mostly, anyway.DSC_0189

And after some sisterly love time…DSC_0204

…we were ready to go!  …to the <<ahem>> saloon.  DSC_0209

It really was a perfect place to take them- I was very hesitant to take Piper somewhere she would wear herself out too much (she was still only working on about 70% of her normal after her tonsillectomy, and she needed to go back to school on Monday!), so the little walk for them and the pretty drive for us was a win-win.

Piper did peter out about half way through and got the seat of honor.  How cute is this???DSC_0222


And, really- look at this view.  Gorgeous, yes?DSC_0229

In the end, though, Addy was less than impressed.  It’s really unfortunate for her that she’s so cute when she’s mad.DSC_0225     DSC_0227

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  1. Looks like a fun little trip! Nice "getaway" for mom and dad with a little bit of fun for the girls! They are so sweet and cute!