Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Water World!

We have a huge (“America’s Largest!”) waterpark here in town.  We had season passes there as a kid, so we spent many, many hours going down slides, on rafts, and in wave pools during the summer.

And this summer, we decided that Piper would actually be big enough to enjoy the rides.


So, to celebrate the end of summer, Luke and I left Adalynn at my mom’s for the day (thanks, mom!) and had a Piper date at Water World.

P1170494Running to the wave tech pool- she had no idea what it was, but it HAD to be good!

P1170497Yup, it was good.  But she had a death grip on my hand.

She did SO good!  She even liked the big, scary, dark Dinosaur ride.  She’s, obviously, not big enough to ride the individual rides, but there are so many family raft rides that we easily filled our day.  She even walked most of the time, which is a lot (you have to carry the tubes to the top of the hills so that you can ride the ride down to the bottom…  a lot of steep, long hills!) P1170510

It was the perfect end and send-off of our little twerp to preschool.  Big girls get big treats, right?

And speaking of treats, she had to have an ice cream cone, obviously.  But first was a nice little catnap to re-energize.  P1170514

To wake her up, I got a cone.  Too bad it melted before we got back to our chairs…P1170520

And as good as the ice cream was, she thought she still needed a cookie.P1170522

She won.P1170525

She enjoyed it so much that I think we’re going to get season passes next year.  I’m sure that Addy will get a kick out of it, too, and it’d be fun to be able to go for a few hours here and there.  As hard as it is to see them growing up, it sure is fun to experience big kid things, too!

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  1. Holy smokes this looks fun! what a Great day!the girls are getting so big! Smiles