Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Fifteen months.  Sounds so big, doesn’t it?


Addy had her quarter birthday last week and celebrated by staying home with a grumpy-as-all-get-out sister who was recovering from having her tonsils out.  She’s a lucky, lucky girl, that one.

She had her check-up at the doctor last week, too.  While Piper got to wander the hospital corridors, participate in the craft activities that some airmen from the local Air Force base were putting on, and looking at the fishes, Addy got two shots and a blood draw.  I’m sure that in the midst of screams, she yelled something along the lines of “how the heck is THIS fair???”  The blood test was the most fun- just a finger prick.  That wouldn’t stop bleeding.  The phlebotomist said that Addy was “the best bleeder she’d ever seen…” and sent us on our way with four extra band aides and a handful of gauze.  We didn’t go far- I was NOT leaving the grounds until she stopped bleeding, but all’s well that ends well, right?

17 pounds.  29 (and a little bit) inches.  Definitely still a mini munchkin.

What else is she up to?

  • I made a list of the words she uses on her own for the doctor.  Well over 100.  …No one warned poor Luke of the complications of having girls- he may never get to speak again…
  • She climbs on everything.
  • She LOVES to play dress up.
  • She can spot a dog from a mile away.  And if she can’t see one, she asks to see one.  Which is oh so convenient when you’re at the grocery store…
  • Can throw a tantrum like none other.  It’s really rather ridiculous.  Still not sure what to do with those.
  • Can undress herself in 3 seconds flat.  And has much practice in the feat.
  • Seatbelts on high chairs, shopping carts, and strollers are no match for her.  No matter how tight.  If it’s too tight, have no fear- she’ll just stand up and leave her pants around her ankles.  Classy.
  • Enjoys coloring.  Especially the cabinet doors, table tops, hardwood floors…
  • She. is. ornery (but I bet you could have guessed that part?)
  • Has the cutest smile in the entire world.  Especially when she crinkles her nose.
  • My favorite phrases are “alright”, “I did!”, and, obviously “mama”
  • She is Obsessed (with a capital “O”) with babies.  We were at the store the other day and she kept trying to walk over to a lady pushing a stroller.  I finally gave up and picked her up, at which point she glared at me and said, as clear as a bell, “I want that baby!”  Hilarious.
  • She still doesn’t sleep.  If you saw us in person, it’d be no surprise.  I’m sure I look like a zombie 24/7. 
  • She is hilarious.  Between her and her sister, we rarely stop laughing around here.

As difficult as she can be, she really is the sweetest, cutest little munchkin.  The random leg hugs as she runs through the kitchen get me every time.  I’m excited to get to spend some time with just her and me four days a week now that Piper’s in school.  I cannot believe how fast she’s growing!

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