Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Eight Months

Adalynn turned eight months old this weekend. 

I think she’s getting cuter every day.  She LOVES her big sister and is constantly following her around the house.  She’s learned the sound of the bath tub, and the girls have races down the hall to get in.  Both squealing in delight along the way, of course.  P1120832

Her hair has not grown.  Pretty sure we’re looking at kindergarten for pigtails on this little twirp.P1120845

SHE HAS TEETH!  Piper cut her first tooth at 18 months.  Addy was just shy of eight.  Those little monsters were NOT fun coming in, and they weren’t particularly delightful as she learned to nurse with them (um, didn’t miss that part with Piper…), but I can’t wait for them to be big enough to see when she smiles.  You can see them poking up on the bottom here.P1130008

And speaking of smiles?  She has perfected the cheesy grin.  And I can’t help but crack up when she does it.  Our photos are now screwed until she gets her fill of it, but that’s okay.  I think.P1120994

She HATES food.  Seriously.  With a passion.  She will tolerate apples, pears, and yogurt.  And by “tolerate,” I mean maybe a tablespoon at a time.  She does not like: avocados, sweet potatoes, bananas, carrots, cereal…  Get the idea?  P1120968

She’ll walk across the room with the walker.  Well, she’s able to walk across the room so long as Piper doesn’t “help.”P1120594

She’s incredibly leery of strangers.  Some days are better than others but, man, she can give some serious crusties to someone she doesn’t know.  Which is pretty funny in comparison to her sister, Miss Social Queen herself.  When she’s in a good mood, though (which I’m pretty sure means that she has a LITTLE bit of sleep), she’s willing to give a wave to someone who looks like a grandma.  And  yes, my kids pretty much think that Costco is the local version of Disneyland.  It’s got to be the most fun place on earth.IMAG0839

And she thinks this is hilarious.  So does Piper.  We use this method of transportation frequently.  It also, by the way, has been a great source of proprioperceptive input that Piper craves.  She loves this!IMAG0788

She says mama, dada, Piper, dog, hi, and bye in context. Yup, she’s a talking maniac. And it’s way cute. Like, seriously. She waves hi and bye, and signs dog, too. She’s also said “Hi, dog” to Duncan when he startled her the other day. P1130001

Happy two-thirds birthday, Munchkin!  Can we celebrate with some sleep???


  1. Oh, Nana, loves you little sweetheart! You are such a blessing!

  2. Oh my gosh you have the cutest girls! Love that picture of her waving from the buggy, haha.