Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas Pictures

Yup.  It’s nearly the middle of January, and I’m just now getting around to Christmas pictures.  Yikes.

Anyway, two years ago we found out that Christmas is a whole new monster when a baby is involved.  This year, we found out that Christmas is a whole new monster when there are THREE kids involved- Piper, Adalynn, and my nephew, Bridger, sure made the day a whole lot more fun.  But a whole lot busier, too!

We got to my parents house first thing Christmas morning.  We got to have breakfast together with my parents, my brother and sister-in-law, my grandparents, and my great aunt, who was visiting from Arizona.  It was so fun to have everyone under one roof!  Breakfast was, of course, amazing (thanks, Mom!)  Mom put up a gate into the rest of the house so that Piper couldn’t go and snoop around the tree.  Hummm…  I wonder why?

I snuck out first before Piper could so I could watch her face…  P1120486

Not the best picture, but do you like her tilt?  She was excited

She ran into the room and found out WHY!  There was a kitchen set (that was mine when I was a little girl), a new table and chair set, a grocery cart, a baby stroller and a new baby bed.  The kitchen, stroller, and baby bed were all mine when I was little.  My dad and grandad made the kitchen and bed and got tons of use through the years; I’m so excited to share it with my girls! 




Also in the room were TWO new cars.  I found a Little Tykes pickup truck and a police car at garage sales last summer.  Luke spent WEEKS sanding them down and repainting them with special plastic paint to make them cute.  My nephew got a brand new, shiny red fire truck and the girls got a girly pink beepbop car.  (I’m in the process of getting stickers made for both; I’ll show you the finished product when they’re done.  But you get the picture.)

Piper was excited.



Piper wasn’t satisfied with Addy’s present-opening skills, so she thought that some tutoring was in order.P1120503

By the time everything was opened, the girls were POOPED.  Piper had a blast looking at all her new fun things and teaching Addy and her cousin how to use theirs.  But for this mommy, nap time couldn’t come sooner…  Piper fell asleep wonderfully (as usual), and Addy finally, finally, fell asleep.  Under the tree.  With her brand new blanket that Mom made her (with crib sheets to match, by the way.) 


What a fun, fun day!

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  1. I can not tell that Piper was excited about her car! :) It looks like they had fun. Jesenia wasn't interested in opening her presents either and this was her second Christmas.