Saturday, September 12, 2015

Addy is a BUBBLEGUM!

Adalynn had her first day of preschool this week.

To say that she was excited would not do her enthusiasm justice.DSC_0295

Piper’s been in school for three weeks; poor Addy has been anxiously, not-so-patiently waiting for HER turn to go to school.  “But Cody can’t go, because he’s not big enough!  RIGHT, Mom?  Cody can’t go because he’s a baby, right?”   

I’ve been hearing endless renditions of “My bunny Jack…” “I have twoooo peacocks- Peter is green and Angel is white!” “Mom!  Did you know I have PONIES at my preschool???”

And usually all I can think is “If I had all that to look forward to, I’d be excited, too- can I come???”  DSC_0286

Thursday was, finally, The Day.  She was all giggles.  And ready to go EARLY.  She had to pick out shoes that matched her shirt and a headband that matched her shoes.  “I wonder what we’re going to have for snack?  I wonder if we’ll get to see the animals?  Mom- I use the pink potties, right?  Not the blue potties, because those are for the boys.”  DSC_0304

And she marched up to that place like the owned the joint.  No hesitation.  No nerves.  No particular youthful excitement- just plain LET’S GET TO WORK.  She went to her room, hung up her backpack, found her name plate, stuck it on the wall, and was the first to enthusiastically. gleefully, answer the Question of the Day: “What classroom are you in?”  “I’M A BUUUUBBLEGUUUUUUM!!!”   DSC_0330

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