Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ice Cream Dough

Adalynn’s a kid with some quirks.  I love those quirks, but they’re quirks nonetheless.  She’s so very good about generalizing skills, so keeping her on her toes is a tall order.  Giving her something completely new and different satisfies some of her “cravings.”  She also doesn’t particularly like to be messy, and although she doesn’t have sensory issues, I think it’s good for her to go out of her comfort zone sometimes, too.  Piper’s always a good sport about it and certainly enjoys something new!

I found a recipe for “Ice Cream Dough” on Pinterest, and because I buy baking soda in a HUGE bag at Costco for mega cheap, I happened to have all the ingredients.  Who knew that baking soda, koolaid, and water could be so much fun?

DSC_0144“I will not touch it.  I will not touch it.  I will not touch it.”

DSC_0145“I just can’t stand it!  I have to touch it!”

DSC_0148“I didn’t like it.”

DSC_0149“Spoons are good.  Spoons are so good.”

DSC_0152“At least it smells good!"

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