Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Mini Daredevil

People have asked me several times if it’s difficult to see Addy do things that were harder for Piper. 

And, truthfully, the answer is always “no,” because even though things come a little more naturally to Addy, there are only a few “skills” that were very difficult for Piper to accomplish (getting into sit and standing from prone are the two on the top of that list…)

There are some things, though, where we can see a definite difference in personalities.

The top of that list? 

For as over-conscientious, apprehensive, and a little on the anxious side as this one is at the park…DSC_0098

This little munchkin is daring, able, and willing.DSC_0170

At the ripe old age of 13 months, she has figured out how to go down the slide.  By herself.  Big slides, fast slides, curly slides…  Slides her sister won’t touch.DSC_0104

She goes down and up all by her little self.  What really cracks me up is that she’s all business going up…DSC_0138 (2)


…but all grins going down.DSC_0114