Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Impromptu Pool Play

Sometimes, their ideas are not my own.

It started out innocent enough- I needed to get some weeding done in the garden, and while it was warm outside, it was bearable.  So I took the girls out for some good ol’ vitamin D. 

They played in the shade for a little bit, and even shared a glass of ice water.DSC_0088

Next thing I knew, Piper decided that her tiny baby (or “Addy,” as Piper calls her) needed to swim in the pool.  And while I don’t condone playing with inside toys outside (particularly when water is involved), the damage had already been done and I figured that it’d buy me another 5 minutes to get what I could done.DSC_0018 (3)

So I kind of pretended that I didn’t see Piper doing what she knew she shouldn’t; she was having a blast teaching her baby to swim.  And then she had a blast blasting the baby down the slide and into the water.  I could hear her mutter “One step, two step, three step” as the baby made her way to the top.  Talk about cute, right?PicMonkey Collage

I turned around thinking to myself that I have to have the cutest three-year-old on the face of the planet when I heard a funny sound.  A funny splashing sound. 

Apparently the baby couldn’t have ALL the fun…DSC_0022


So what do you do?  Just let it continue, right?  Addy (not the doll), of course, had to join in- in her diaper…DSC_0040

Piper and Addy (the doll) danced around in the sun and on the slip-n-slide.  I think that Piper was afraid she was going to get into trouble for being wet; she kept flashing me these coy little glances that just make my heart melt.  Love this girl.DSC_0047


…and, just for good measure, is there anything cuter than baby buns and little baby curls???DSC_0096

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  1. Aw, I liked how she made her baby walk up the stairs to go down the slide, lol...And Piper is so incredibly beautiful...But you already know that :)