Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hunting of the Egg

Our church does a big egg hunt every year.  They have something like 600 kids that participate (it’s crazy), but they use the toddler playground, which is blocked off, for everyone under three.  It’s great because they just keep throwing more eggs in front of the kids; the hunt is pretty…  unsportsmanlike.  Piper, of course, loved it because she knew just what to do. 

Well, she knew just what to do in the sense of picking up the eggs.  Once she figured out that there was candy inside, though, we lost her…P1130668

She missed the lesson on picking up the next egg before you open the first one.  I think she would have been happy to find an egg, sit down, open it, eat the candy, and then move on.P1040421

Addy was happy to sit in the gravel.  P1130651

Once Piper got moving, she did really well! 

P1130669    P1130671

Addy?  She was happy to sit in the gravel.

P1040428    P1040431

Piper found a stash of eggs and was even double-fisting them into her back (with sound effects, of course).


And while she was doing that?  Addy was…  sitting in the gravel.

P1130655    P1130664

It was fun this year because Piper was showing some of the other kids what to do. 

And she made out like a candy bandit.  In part because she filled up Adalynn’s basket when hers got full.  She’s a good big sister like that…

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