Friday, March 16, 2012

Addy Helps Herself to Lunch

I met an old coworker and her little girl at the park so that our girls could get out and play.  We found a nice little spot under the big trees to lay our blankets; Addy was happy to sit and enjoy the scenery.P1130597

But it was a big playground, and Piper got frustrated because she couldn’t do the funny steps to get up to the slide.  They were those “lily pad” kinds of things- she’s just too short to reach from one to the next.  So I left Addy on the blanket and helped Piper get down the slide a couple of times. 

I, of course, had an eye on Addy the whole time.  But I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this from a distance:P1130603

She was emptying our lunch bag one piece at a time.  And since she’s my child of “I won’t eat it if I don’t wanna,” her interest in our food was pretty astounding.P1130607

She was a little surprised when she saw that I had snuck up on her.P1130605

I think she thought she’d cure her naughtiness with a peace offering.  I assured her that she and she alone like rice rusks.P1130606

And then she found the goldmine.  Piper’s sandwich.  Apparently I’m such a good cook, it tasted good even through the sack.  I’m sure you’re jealous that you’re missing out on my culinary prowess.  P1130609

Piper, for the record, was none to thrilled having to eat a baby-spit infested, mushed up sandwich for lunch…

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