Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Playing Dress-Up

The joys of having a big sister…

P1110035Getting it juuuuuust right…

P1110036What do YOU think, Addy?


I’m not sure WHAT Addy thought- she was dead set on attacking Piper after the fashion show…

Nothing I love more than taking a break from work to peek around my computer screen and seeing these interactions.  They SO love each other.  And it’s way too sweet.

We’ll just ignore the fact that Addy’s no long on the playmat, okay?


  1. Love those photos! Can Piper come give Sweet Pea lessons on how to be a sweet big sister? I can no longer leave them in the same room together because Angel inevitably ends up being pushed over, laid upon or gets to be the target that Sweet Pea aims all her toys at as she chucks them in the air. I long for the day that they will play together! I keep warning Sweet Pea that there will come a day when Angel can and will strike back, but she just doesn't care. She is striking while she can!

  2. So funny....Piper's looking in the mirror like "just a little to the left...little to the right. Okay now, PERFECT!"

    Just now read the comment that you left on my blog - thanks for the link!!! :)